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Don’t like killing animals? Buy cotton instead of fur! Don’t like assembly line medicine? See a doctor in private practice instead! Obviously, big box/assembly line medicine was not for me. I felt as if my life and my interactions with patients were being controlled by some unseen administrative entity. In my opinion, this administrative entity had NO medical background. I took Dr. Pamela Wible’s course to start my own ideal medical clinic! I was taught the differences between production-driven practices (assembly line medicine) and relationship-driven practices. The physicians in her class graduate to open beautiful healing centers. Take a look at some of the wonderful clinics below opened by my classmates.  Just click the name of the clinic to go to their website! At the very bottom of the page, you can check out other medical blogs!

Topics to discuss before picking your clinic
  Production-Driven Practices   ( Assembly Line Medicine ) - This is a numbers-based medical practice that typically benefits administrative figures. This occurs in facilities where healthcare workers sense that the clock is always ticking, and patients feel this effect. In this setting, the goal is to see a large number of patients and time is often a cause of worry. Appointments usually must be made months in advance. The name usually sounds something like "Big High Star North Central Division Center for Outpatient Specialty Clinics" or long acronym such as "BHSNCDC Outpatient Specialty Clinics." I am not saying all places like this are bad. They can be great, especially for rare disease treatments and innovative, cutting edge care. Occasionally, you can even find a doctor here who, somehow, finds time for you. A few of my own good doctors actually work in these settings. But let me tell you, I had to see a lot of not-so-good doctors before I found them. If you have had a great experience at a practice such as this I would love to hear about it in the contact box at the bottom of the page.
Relationship-Driven Practices – This is a wellness-based medical practice that aims to benefit patients. The healthcare worker (doctor, nurse, social worker, PA) is able to form deep satisfying  relationship with a patient over time. Multiple members of the same family are able to see the same physician if they choose.  Patients do not have to wait as long to be seen, both in time from the initial phone call to the appointment day and time spent in the waiting room. You can easily get in contact with your provider. Some doctors even have cooking classes, pet care, and give you gifts on your birthday! 
Insurance - Sometimes relationship driven practices do not take insurance. This is because opting out of insurance allows the visit to remain between the patient and doctor without involving third parties. It also allows your appointment to be free of red tape, non-medical administration, and paperwork. It allows the doctor to spend as much time as needed with the patient, rather than a period of time determined by a third party of non-medical professionals. Paying one hundred or more dollars out of pocket may seem a lot but ask yourself what this time is worth. I just had my air ducts cleaned and it cost me $200 for a cleaning that took one hour. I also paid $90 for a mani/pedi which took less than an hour. You are not only paying a person for the hour they work for you but for their years of training.  Doctors and lawyers cost more than others because of the many years of training they went through to be able to do the things they do for you.  Read more here. I believe seeing a physician to keep me alive and happy to be more important than air ducts and nails.  Also, consider the difference you pay (which might not be much given the price of copays these days) a fee for keeping the bureaucracy out of your doctor-patient relationship. Check out this great analogy I found here

My Clinic

My mental health clinic, Improve Life PLLC is located at 2201 Cooperative Way, Suite 600, Herndon, VA 20171.  At Improve Life, our mission is to provide you with personalized healing designed specifically to enhance your life. We take the approach of high quality individualized care for a few patients rather than the “assembly-line” approach used to treat a large number of patients. You will receive a uniquely made healthcare plan by a medical doctor who takes extra time to explore your needs. This model removes middlemen in order to focus completely on the patient’s needs. Improve Life’s practice model of one room and one physician leads to a reduction of unnecessary space and elimination of extra staff. Without these extra distractions, the physician is able to spend more time with patients. This relaxed pace leads to improved patient satisfaction and better treatment outcomes.  

Below, you can take a look at some other ideal medical clinics. You may also click here to find one near you. If you are a physician interested in opening your dream clinic click here.   

West Holistic Medicine  

Physician and acupuncture visits, nutrition, yoga, meditation and massage.
904 West Ave, # 109
Austin, Texas
(512) 814-0148


Sound Women’s Health & Aesthetics

Beautifully Integrative Medicine by Dr. Karyn Tapley, MD Experience women's health care and aesthetics the way it should be. 
11 Bellwether Way, Suite 210
 Bellingham, WA 98225
[email protected]

Dr. Kat Lopez at Sunnyside Collaborative Care

Experience the joy of working with an independent physician who takes all the time she needs with her patients and delivers an unprecedented level of individualized care. 
16144 SE Happy Valley Town Center Dr
Suite 214
Happy Valley, OR 97086

Empower Family Medicine 

Welcome to Decatur’s first ​ community-designed ideal medical clinic​ creating a partnership between you and your physician for the best in ​health and wellness.
209-A Swanton Way
Suite 101
Decatur Georgia 30030

Developing Resilience

2205 N. 30th St., 
Suite A
Tacoma, WA 98403
Dr. Sierra provides individual, family, and group psychotherapy and assessment services.

Jill Becker MD  

 1163 Walnut Street
Newton, MA 02461
This practice is centered on empowering you to discover or rediscover all aspects of your most authentic self.

Dr. April Goggans

 2773 B 1/2 Road, Suite B
Grand Junction, CO 81503
(970) 812 - LIFE (5433)
Fax (970) 812 - 5483
Dr. Goggans is taking the next step to health and wellness.

Mind Time

3962 Roscoe Rd
Hernando, FL 34442
(352) 631-7460
(352) 600-0549
info at

Eilis Clark MD is a psychiatrist and life coach in Citrus County, Florida. 

Benton Integrative Medicine

Acupuncture & Healing Arts Bldg
388 N Highway 16
Denver, NC   28037
T: (704) 775-6029

Affordable and convenient care that goes beyond an office visit allowing you more time with your doctor and a healthier lifestyle.

Maple Tree Healing

1161 Lincoln Ave, Eugene, OR 97401

Maple Tree Healing has taken the “system” out of primary health care and brought the practice of medicine back to “the way it used to be.”
Alaska Regional Campus
2925 Debarr Road
Building D, Suite 150
Anchorage, AK 99508  


Vitae helps each of their patients reach their highest health potential and thus truly thrive.
They offer evidence-based, innovative and collaborative patient-centered care.

Nature's Embrace Family Wellness

Their purpose and service to this world is to help anyone who comes to me. It is their mission to get you healthy, vibrant, and healed so you can then serve in your highest purpose and passions in life. 
1015 East Burnside Street
Portland, OR 97214

Independence Medical Acupuncture

Independence Medical Acupuncture: A Holistic Approach to Wellness Rediscover Your Own Healing Powers.
12115 Madison Pike
Independence, Kenton County 41051

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Doc Ro Ho   has a facebook page that offers lifestyle ideas & food science to enhance life and to prevent/reverse diseases. She would like you to remember that it is educational only! I met Doc Ro Ho on Dr. Wible's class retreat and she is very caring. Why not take a look at one of her videos on cooking, heartburn, or posture exercises?

The Happy Doc is a blog by my friend Taylor Brana. Taylor is a medical student, life coach, and authorof many KevinMD articles. He asks "Is it possible for the modern day doctor to be happy?" ​ He answers this by gathering data through interview of current happy health professionals. His site identifies and internalizes core principles that can be found amongst the happiest of practitioners. 
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